Wednesday, February 20, 2013


 Do you love hummus as much as I do?  Here are a few ways I like to enjoy it...

1.  Smear it on a (whole wheat) tortilla.  Add vegetables.  I used to work at a cafe where they would add artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, field greens and a little feta.  In my fridge I had tomatoes, avocado and carrots.  Wrap it up.

2.  Brush whole-wheat pita bread with olive oil.  Sprinkle with salt and garlic powder.  Bake at 400 degrees until toasty.  Serve with hummus, marinated artichokes hearts, marinated mushrooms, olives, tabouleh, fresh veggies and tzaztiki for a mediterranean feast.

3.  Forget the ranch and instead drizzle a little olive oil and red wine vinegar on your salad and top with hummus. 

I usually buy Sabra brand, but hummus can be expensive and it may be worth trying to make at home.  I'll try and post a recipe sometime soon.  In the meantime, check this out...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

breakfast burrito

Here is a healthier version of the breakfast burrito.  I haven't really taken anything away from the original... Instead I've added some nutritional value to it.  If you want to be even healthier, omit the sausage and cheese.  If you're really trying watch what you eat, use egg whites instead of whole eggs.  To make the world's easiest guacamole, mash up one avocado with one clove chopped garlic, some chopped onion, a squeeze of lime juice and a generous pinch of cumin and salt.

Whole wheat tortilla (see bottom), eggs, sausage, cheese, green onion, tomato, guacamole and Cholula hot sauce.

Brown sausage and add beans.  Spice it up with a little cumin.  Pour scrambled eggs over the top.  Add a little cheddar.   Finish with chopped fresh tomato and green onion.

If you have a gas stove, do this to your tortilla.  It'll give it a nice charred taste.

 Whole wheat products take some getting used to but after some time you'll get used to the taste and may even prefer it.  Try replacing at least half your grains with whole grains.  I have become a fan of these tortillas.
Today my boyfriend got 70% of his daily intake of fiber by eating two of these burritos.  And that doesn't even count the black beans and veggies mixed in!