Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goals For This Week

It feels like it's been a busy week.  There's been quite a bit of work to do in the pastry kitchen and it leaves me with very little energy at home to do anything except a small amount of cooking and cleaning.  But tomorrow I have the day off and, now that the warm weather has finally shown it's face in these parts, I am itching to do some serious spring cleaning, gardening and a little freezer cooking. 

It overwhelms me to think of all the chores that lay ahead, so I wrote out a list.  I am generally not a list writer, that's Matt's forte, but tomorrow is one of those days where I will need to stay focused in order to get everything accomplished. 

Here is the plan for the next two days...

  • Clean freezer/fridge
  • Put away clothes
  • Go shopping
  • Organize coupons
  • Organize towel closet
  • Purchase soil, start working on my container garden
  • Make granola
  • Do some cooking to stock up freezer - So far I will be making burritos, lasagna and mac and cheese
  • Get some paperwork done that I should have done months ago
  • Oh, and clean the house in general
Hopefully I will get some blogging time in too.  I am excited to share the results of my freezer burritos and lasagna once they're finished!

Today I am going to leave you with some photos of desserts, that were produced by myself and the rest of the pastry team, for a Valentine's Day buffet.  Enjoy!

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